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Drink Rhône Rosé

June 19, 2020

Drink Rhône Rosé
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It's no secret that Hospice du Rhône loves Rhône rosés - our long-standing Rosé Lunch, our infatuation with Tavel, and the sheer quantity of pink bottles at our events make it pretty obvious. 

Join us in celebrating the rosé season as the wineries below generously donate 10% of their Rhône rosé wine sales to Hospice du Rhône, our nonprofit organization with the mission to promote producers of Rhône varieties. 

Our friends at the girl & the fig in Sonoma have created this menu with recipes to prepare your own Rosé Lunch at Home.  

These donation partnerships are only for a limited time
June 20 - 28, 2020
 - so hurry and get summer started!

A.C. Cellars & Rocky Point Cellars
Donating 10% of all 2018 Rocky Point Cellars Diaphanous Blanc Rose sales 
To purchase, email Amy as the wine has not yet officially released.

Acquiesce Winery
Donating 10% of all 2019 Acquiesce Grenache Rosé sales  
Promo code for complimentary shipping: DRINKPINK 

Booker Vineyard
Donating 10% of all 2018 Booker Pink sales  
Promo code: RHONEROSE for $10 flat rate shipping on any order of Pink! 

Cairdeas Winery
Donating 10% of all 2019 Cairdeas Rosé sales  
Promo code: HOSPICE 

Callaghan Vineyards
Donating 10% of all 2019 Arizona Dry Grenache Rosé sales

Center of Effort
Donating 10% of all 2019 Grenache Rosé sales

Clos Solène Winery 
Donating 10% of all Clos Solène La Rose sales  

Copia Vineyards and Winery 
Donating 10% of all 2018 Rosé (GSM) sales 

Derby Wine Estates
Donating 10% of all 2019 Derby Rosé sales  
Promo code for 10% discount: ROSEALLDAY 

Dos Cabezas WineWorks
Donating 10% of all 2019 Dos Cabezas WineWorks Pink

Dusty Nabor Wines  
Donating 10% of all 100% Direct Press Grenache Rosé sales  

Grosgrain Vineyards 
Donating 10% of all 2019 Grosgrain Grenache Rosé Blush sales  

Groundwork Wines 
Donating 10% of all 2019 Groundwork Grenache Rosé sales  

Jada Vineyard & Winery
Donating 10% of all 1149 Grenache Rosé sales   

Donating 10% of all 2019 Leverage Rosé of Grenache sales  

Skylark Wine Company
Donating 10% of all 2019 Skylark Pink Belly Rosé sales  

The Grenachista Wine Company
Donating 10% of all 2019 Grenachista Sonoma Valley Grenache Rosé sales  
Promo code: HdR for 10% off Rosé and Grenache Noir Pet-Nat 

Verdad Wine Cellars 
Donating 10% of all 2019 Verdad Grenache Rosé, Ampelos Vineyard sales 

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