Rhônely Fun Facts about the Paso Robles Hospice du Rhône event

Founded: 1991
Enthusiasts: Each year over 1,200 Rhône lovers converge in Paso Robles, California USA for the annual Paso Robles installment of Hospice du Rhône. The group is a mix of Rhône producers and importers, wine industry representatives, restaurateurs, Sommeliers and enthusiasts who possess an unwavering passion for the 22 Rhône varieties.

The event hostes upwards of 150 Rhône wine producers and importers, from throughout the world at the Opening and Closing events.

These worldly Rhône wine producers and imports gathered from France, South Africa, Australia, Spain, Chile and the USA. The states represented from the USA are Arizona, California, Oregon and Washington.

Volunteers: Over 136 volunteers worked at the 2016 celebration to ensure the event ran smoothly.
Sommeliers: At the 2016 event, Hospice du Rhône hosted 22 Sommeliers from around the United States. This lively group ensured that there was not one corked wine poured at the seminars and meals.

Hospice du Rhône utilizes 10,000 pieces of Riedel stemware for every two of the four seminars. That means after the two seminars are finished on Friday the organization has to send out the 10,000 stems to be washed and buffed for use at the Saturday seminars.

Over 2,500 Riedel stems are provided for the two daily tastings and 1,600 plus are utilized for meals and those impromptu after parties. Grand Total of Riedel stems for the entire event is 14,100. That is quite a bit of buffing for our staff and volunteers.

Tables: 376 6 and 8 foot banquet tables were rented for the 2018 event. These tables found homes in the seminar rooms, tasting pavilion and the lunch patio.