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Meet the Chefs

Thoughtful Food for Our Rhône Family

Farewell Dinner  | Chef Spencer Johnston, Danior Catering
A native of San Luis Obispo, Chef Spencer Johnston is driven by a passion to prepare food that has been grown thoughtfully and sustainably. This is to not only offer his guests the best quality ingredients but to support the local farming community as they are the backbone of our health. More often than not, you'll find Chef working with local farmers from land to sea not only sourcing food but learning their craft. In his 18 years of being a professional in the culinary world, Chef has traveled to various states and countries to learn cooking methods, traditions and ingredients. Though he loves to travel, and does so often, he continues to call the Central Coast home where he has created a successful high-end catering company. 

Remember that travel thing we mentioned. Well, Chef Spencer took his craft to a whole new level for the 2018 Paso Robles Hospice du Rhône. After many weeks of discussing this meal together, Spencer decided to traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico (a place he loves dearly) to study techniques he will be implementing at the Farewell Dinner. Come to taste the foods he will be serving but to also view how Chef Spencer Johnston will be cooking up the Farewell Dinner.