Get Your Grenache On!

Gather your friends, a few bottles of Grenache and help celebrate International #Grenache Day on Friday, September 23rd! Join online or create your own #Grenache event at your winery, wine shop or home.

International #GrenacheDay Event Details:
What: International #Grenache Day
Time: All Day
Location: Planet Earth
Hashtags: #GrenacheDay or #Grenache

What to Do:
On the day of the event open a bottle of #Grenache or two then tweet, facebook and blog on #Grenache. You can do this for 24 hours! Yes, 24 hours of #Grenache as this day of celebration will span the entire globe! During International #Grenache Day, ask questions and share facts from your favorite social media sites or even via email to the Hospice du Rhône team. Most importantly this day is all about #Grenache so we encourage you to open a bottle of #Grenache and enjoy with friends and family. Also, don't forget to take photos of your activities as we will be asking for them!

How to Interact:
You can interact with Hospice du Rhône and the rest of the world #Grenache lovers virtually by heading over to Twitter, or Facebook. Have questions about Grenache or fun facts you would like us to share, send them our way at View the official International #Grenache Day Google map to find an event near you.

Official Hashtag:
#GrenacheDay or #Grenache (utilize this in all tweets, facebook updates or blog posts). Using a hashtag allows others to search the keyword, in this case #Grenache, to see what others are posting about #Grenache throughout International #GrenacheDay.

Host Your Own International #Grenache Day Infused Event:
• Wineries, Restaurants and Retailers: highlight Grenache for the day
• Host a Grenache tasting at your home with your pals with Grenache inspired bites
• Hold a Grenache Happy Hour at the office

Three Tidbits on #Grenache:
1. Grenache: (Gra-Nash) big bodied, supple and rich strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, black pepper
2. One of the most widely planted red wine grape varieties on the planet
3. The vines get better with age

We look forward to toasting #GrenacheDay with you on Friday, September 23rd. Don't forget to share this information with all of your #Grenache loving friends.